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    Payslar makes payroll to be so easy you might actually enjoy doing it.

What We Do?

The full service we are offering is specifically
designed to meet your business needs.

Time & Cost Saving

Payslar was designed to be modern to ease the pain of running payroll.With employee self service, bureaux no longer have to chase timesheets, post payslips or manually process leave requests. It’s all automated, allowing bureaux to get back to what’s truly important.

Automated Compliance

Automation is our business. Relax whilst Payslar processes tasks related to GRA and your Pension Provider for you. Seamlessly syncing data between your state regulated agencies

Awesome Self Service Engagement

Employees can log in online anytime, anywhere to get a real-time view of the pay run and even with their SSNIT ledgers from Payslar. Isn't that awesome

Advisory Services

Our team is ready to help you with Advisory Services when the need arises.

Why Choose Us?

Stay focused on your business and not waste time on payroll

Keeping a business compliant is a full-time job. Luckily our platform does most of the work for you, including automatically calculating and filing payroll taxes.

  • Auto enrollment capability for employees on Tier2 schemes.
  • Automatic filing of all GRA reports and SSNIT schedule.
  • Allow employers to stay compliant in both pensions and tax regulations
  • 360 view of all SSNIT ledgers
  • Unlimited SMS messages for payroll notifications
  • Reimbursements,Arrears and Salary Advance modules
  • Employees receive fun payslips in their emails, which you can personalize with your own notes.
  • Paperless employee onboarding.
  • Run payroll as many times as you need.
  • Multi Currency Support.
  • 2FA Two-factor authentication for extra security

Improve Upon how you work and run your payroll

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers

Collect Ideas

We are always ready to listen to your views to help us fine tune Payslar to serve you well

Data Analysis

When it comes to shifts work or working over time, the irregularities in man-hours are difficult to account for. Payslar is able to rid of clock-in-and-out frauds by recording work entries automatically

Magic Touch

Allow your employees to easily access their payslips and other awesome features with our Whatsapp Bot

Our Personalized Solutions

Just sit and relax while we take care of your payroll needs

Payslar believes in the do more ,worry less approach. Which is why we exist to provide solutions to help SMEs in Ghana run their payroll with joy. Run your entire payroll process and file your state regulatory reports in less than 5 minutes instead of days

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