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Bots are colloquial shorthand used to describe Chatbots. Chatbots are pieces of software used to replicate human conversation. Chatbots can range from Google Homes’ to automated text bots that you (usually) find at the bottom of websites. We’ll focus on the latter for now. These chatbots can be replicated beyond just websites, to Apps, Facebook pages and WhatsApp chats. But regardless of where you interact with one, the backend functionality of a chatbot remains largely the same.

What Can we Do with Whatsapp Bots

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Transaction Confirmations, Invoices & Notifications

Was the payment received successfully? Or is there a billing issue? Was there an update in your privacy policy or payment methods?

Thanks to WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, you can send crucial sensitive information to customers instantly and securely without having to worry that the message ends up in the “JUNK” folder by mistake.

Help Guides

Online shopping, despite all the other advantages, deprives consumers of examining the merchandise up close or fire up a quick question to a nearby standing sales assistant. Unfortunately, in most cases, it takes way too long to speak to a real person. Still, an overwhelming 75% of online customers expect to be served within 5 minutes. That’s why, despite their occasional developmental shortcomings, chatbots became so popular in eCommerce.

They are able to handle inquiries significantly faster and more efficiently eliminating the wait. WhatsApp chatbots go a step further because they are not only able to react fast but also anywhere. A conversation that starts online can continue on WhatsApp as the customer leaves his/her desktop. Better yet, it happens in an environment where the user feels comfortable and which is significantly more stable and mobile-friendly than any other website or app bot. Sounds just like another customer service bot?

Awesome Self Service Engagement and Incentivized Sales

WhatsApp chatbot can help you engage new and existing customers by incentivizing sales.There are two ways to go about it:

  • Engage users conversationally by offering discounts inside a bot
  • Direct customers from a coupon pop-up or landing page to the bot that will ask prospects a few key questions to activate the voucher in question

On the backend, the bot allows your company to keep the vouchers under control by:

  • Communicating with the shopping cart and so, tracking if and when a prospective/existing customer uses the voucher
  • Following up with the customer when the voucher remains unused, asking why they haven’t redeemed it and if it can do anything to assist them
Customer Acquisition

Also, the official WhatsApp offers a great opportunity to capture prospects online more naturally than ever. It enables you to either follow them from the web/mobile browser to the “real world.”

There are several different ways you can go about it.

  • Chat Bubble. Instead of an on-site assistance bot waiting in the corner of the site, you can create a WhatsApp chat bubble or button to invite website visitors to solve their queries using WhatsApp.
  • Product/Category Page Button. This way you allow potential customers to receive notifications, news an updates via a channel they check and use frequently. E.g., your lead can sign up to receive a notification when a product is back in stock!
  • Campaign Ads CTA. Last but not least, a great way to drive acquisition is to use the click-to-WhatsApp approach in your paid campaigns. That is, when prospects click on your Facebook or Google ad, instead of a landing page, they will be invited to a WhatsApp conversation that engages them right of the bat, in a familiar environment

Any of the strategies above provides your business with simple and interactive ways to capture leads that would have otherwise clicked through your campaign or website with any info-capturing interaction.

Why the Whatsapp Business API

Stay revelant in this new era of technology

Chatbots have been successfully conquering the vast and diverse kingdom of eCommerce for a few years now. More and more, customers grow accustomed to the concept. In fact, in 2018, 60% claim to have used a bot to talk to a business in the past 12 months! However, today, the conversation is shifting from chatbots to messaging apps. First, it was Facebook Messenger. Now, with the release of WhatsApp, everybody wonders what’s the potential of WhatsApp eCommerce integration. Consumers associate bots with resolving issues, getting quick answers in emergencies and 24-hour service. They associate messaging with comfort, convenience, and familiarity..

While website chatbots are handy when consumers shop seated at a desktop, they are often a drag when used on mobile. That is quite an issue, given that mobile commerce is unstoppably on its journey to the top of the eCommerce ladder.

This is where instant messaging apps come into play. These apps revolutionized the messaging industry by making it even more accessible, convenient and adaptable to user needs. While a decade ago the market was pretty evenly distributed among multiple messaging contenders, not the same can be said today.

Since its humble launch in 2009, WhatsApp has become the leader on the global market boasting 1.6 billion active monthly users (as of April 2019).

Existing Brands that are already leading the race


Hellman, a renowned mayonnaise brand, became a viral sensation through its WhatsApp-based marketing campaign – WhatsCook. Brazilian users could share images of the items available in their pantry and refrigerator and have Hellman’s chef instruct them on how to create delicious dishes with the ingredients at hand. The campaign attracted over 13,000 sign-ups and received 99.5% users approval. Needless to say, it was a huge success, and similar models were replicated in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is another brand that successfully executed a smart WhatsApp marketing campaign. During the launch of its limited-edition “Absolut Unique” vodka, the company announced that two tickets of the launch party would be available to the general public. Those interested in the offer were asked to interact with Sven, the virtual doorman available over WhatsApp, and convince him to give them the tickets. The users came up with some of the wittiest, quirkiest, and most creative messages that included voice notes and videos. Within a span of 3 days, Absolut Vodka registered that Sven had interacted with over 600 users and received more than 1000 videos, images, and audio clips.

Banco Bradesco

Clients of Banco Bradesco used WhatsApp to consult the bank’s artificial intelligence-powered chat bot 88.5 million times last year. That’s a 16-fold increase from WhatsApp interactions the previous year.

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Businesses today understand the importance of reaching out the customers where they already are. One of the greatest advantages of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business chatbots is that it can help build a stable and long-term relationship with your customers without them having to seek you out on different channels. Upon the development of a user-friendly chatbot, businesses can enjoy the benefits of a loyal audience base and higher engagement offered by WhatsApp. With the right chatbot platform, customer care operations can be streamlined and your customers can enjoy better customer service than your competitors.

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